Why I Don 't Mean Essay example

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It was a school gathering they called it, only for us people in year 11, but of course I wasn 't going to go to a stupid gathering without my mates and so naturally we all went with Alfi aswell (who was only in year 10) because there 's no argument that he isn 't coming with us. The girls turned up as beautiful as always, but the only one caught my eye, My Piper. As she reached me I took a short sarcastic bow and she did a curtsey.

"Good evening ma 'am, would you care for a dance with this lovely gentleman"

"I don 't mean to be rude, sir, but I think it 's a bit early to dance"

" it 's never to early to dance"

"Smartly said"

It was better than I thought, time passed quickly as we were all having a good time dancing, talking and drinking no doubt about that. Alfi especially who was now standing on the stage shirtless dancing, seemed to have drunk way to much Alcohol as usual. As the night went on the crowds drastically started to thicken, air started to escape the room, the space around us seemed to disappear....the room.. the room was starting to shrink I thought. I let go of piper and started to shake my head frantically, I looked up to see Piper telling me to come outside so I listened and followed her outside to catch some fresh air as you do when your claustrophobic

As we were leaving Ben gave me that look that he always gives me when he 's worried about me. I gave him a quick smirk and he turned to face Laurey again. Running down the corridors of the school,…

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