Why I Don 't Know About You Essay

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Alberico started pacing back and forth in front of Gray and said, “Well you see, I heard you don’t like the way I run things in this fine city and you want to make a difference. Well congratulations, you just did. You killed two of my men. Now there aren’t two thugs mugging people in alleys. But that’s a problem for me because I don’t know about you Mr. Ross, but I don’t take too kindly to people who kill my friends.” Al stopped and gave Gray a big fake smile. “I’m here to tell you one thing boy,” he said as he moved in closer to Gray so he could smell the strong cologne the boss had on. His was smile completely gone now and he said one word, “Stop.” Gray started twisting and turning in his seat. Cassano backed up and started pacing back and forth again. “Cuz if you keep doing what you’re doing and messing up the way I run things, I’m gonna need to get my boy Franky here to bust your head open like a piñata.” He pointed to the other man standing by the door holding a baseball bat. “Now I don’t wanna have to tell him to do that because the mess afterwards is just terrible to clean up. So make it easier on both of us and just give up this self righteous act you’re putting on and go with the flow, capiche?” He asked as he gave Gray a little slap on the face. “We’re done here Franky. Cut him loose. I’ll forgive him this one time. I’m sure detective Ross here will see our way. He wouldn’t want his friend Jessica Barnes to get hurt now would he?”
Gray’s head shot up. “You stay…

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