Why I Don 't Know About The Reading Program Has Improved You?

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I remember sitting in my room talking to my mom when the phone rang. My mom answered it and was caught off-guard when they stated who they were and she responded with “Oh yes hello, this is Mrs. Farbman”. As she said that she started walking out of my room and into her own, which is right next to mine, and the walls aren’t that thick. I heard her getting very upset and almost fighting with the person on the other side of the phone. Soon it went silent for a couple of minutes on the other side of the wall. There was a sound of her door opening back up she came back into my room acting a little off. “Ever since you started middle school do you think the reading program has improved you?” she asked me now catching me off-guard. “Ever since I started this program in middle school I don’t really think its been doing much, I don’t think I belong in this group of people.” My mom then informed that is exactly what the school thinks as well do to my reading test grades and my overall academic grades.
My mom looked very stressed and very unhappy but I decided it would be best to drop the subject. A couple of school days went by and my guidance counselor called me in to see if there was anything I wanted to take besides reading and I was very confused. “I am dropping out of the reading program?” I asked her and she responded with “If your mom agrees then yes, the school feels you have improved enough on your own to not need it anymore”. I was still a little on sure of what was going…

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