Why I Don 't Have A Best Friend Essay

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I heard noises outside my bedroom door at around 3 in the afternoon. I sighed loudly and rolled over to check my phone which had been charging next to me all night. I mean, I might not have a boyfriend but I have a phone that sleeps with me so that 's the next best thing right? Not right. I checked it and no one had texted me, go freaking figure. I had friends but I didn 't. I 'll elaborate because it 's a confusing concept. Everyone likes me. I 'm funny, life of the party, I made horrid jokes but everyone likes me none the less. I have so many friends but none of them truly like me. I don 't have a best friend like most people do. All my friends have someone in front of me; I 'm never anyone 's first choice. Maybe it 's because I 'm too tall, or too ugly, or too fat, or too nerdy. It 's gotta be something but oh well, I don 't care. Well I do but I try to act like I don 't. I got up and made my way through my living room and smiled and waved like I should to the people in my house. I took a shower and stood in front of the mirror looking over my flaws.

Why the hell do I have so many freckles? Wait, those aren 't even freckles. I have beauty marks. Beauty my ass. Greaaaaat, you can see my stretch marks on my boobs in this tank top. Why do I have so many bumps on my face? My eyes are so pretty in this light. Only this light though.

At this point I stop looking at myself and focus on doing my makeup. I added concealer to my disgusting beauty marks and my purple under eye…

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