Why I Don 't Do You Exist? Essay examples

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Before all this, I’d like to state that my beliefs are not very strong. I consider myself an agnostic leaning towards the beliefs shown in this, so these are not very firm beliefs.

1. What are you? How do you exist? I believe I am a product of evolution over millions of years, and pretty much almost everything else that scientific research has found. I am a human that came from many other humans.
2. What is the purpose of life? I don’t really see a set purpose in life, except for what we make of it. There is no objective right now for me that isn’t predetermined by other humans other than the need to take care of my physical and mental state. That isn’t to say I or other people don’t have objectives that are important for them to fulfill, all it means is that I don’t think there is someone controlling it. So you could say I don’t think there is a universal purpose to life, but more of a need to stay content throughout humans in general.
3. Where does morality come from? Are there objective morals? I believe that morality comes from inside people’s minds. While there are some things that are universally frowned upon, I think it is still relative morality because the person who has the belief is still making a conscious decision to think that way. I think there is objective truth, but only in human-based form. For example, the statement that two times four is eight is objective, because there is a right and a wrong to it, but that classifies under a human-based thing, in this…

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