Why I Don 't Do With The Sports Car Essay

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In 1540, a man by the name of Lodovico Ferrari, please be aware that I don’t think his name has anything to do with the sports car, was an Italian mathematician known for discovering the solutions to quartic functions. A quartic function is a function of the form ax^4 + bx^3 +cx^2 +dx+e, where a is a nonzero, which is defined by a polynomial raised to the fourth degree, called quartic polynomial. We will probably go more in depth about these quartic polynomials soon in class. My quartic polynomial was 3x^4 -7x^3 -3x^2 +17x+10, and in this project, I was asked to analyze this polynomial.

Finding the end behavior was one of the first steps of this analysis. The end behavior refers to where the tail ends of the graph are pointing on both the left and the right side. In turn, this is basically how you would find end behavior by observing a graph. However, if you did not have a graph, in order to find the end behavior, you would just have to look at the sign and the degree of the leading term. Take -6x^4 for example. This is raised to the 4th degree, so it will probably look like a quadratic, or otherwise known as a parabola. Next you look at the sign. The sign of this polynomial is negative, so the graph will be pointing downward. In my particular quartic polynomial, my end behavior was as X approaches negative infinity, f(X) approaches positive infinity, and as X approaches positive infinity, f(X) approaches positive infinity. Based on this information, as well as the shape…

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