Why I Don 't Do Things You Do You Know About What It Is? Essay

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In school and in life, you are going to have to do things you do not want to do. Does that mean you should not put much effort into studying and just work enough to pass a specific class? Would you only focus on what you’re interested in? In my opinion, no, I think you should tackle everything you do with as much effort as you would something you love. Why? No matter what it is, you can learn from it, whether it is a Literature class that you feel is useless in life, or a Theatre class you have to take for a credit. Always keep an open mind and you will be amazed what you can learn. I do not believe that any knowledge is completely useless. Perhaps you have learned something you thought you will never use, then you will find yourself using it at some time in your life. Strategic Laziness is a fancy word for cutting corners to get what you want faster. Nothing’s wrong with this type of thinking, but for me, it would never work. I gain confidence by thinking every little piece through, and that way if I fall short, or if I excel with my goals, then I know I did my very best and will be pleased with my achievements. In my eyes laziness is laziness. I could never be pleased with the outcome no matter how well I did on that subject, if I didn’t put my entire effort into it, that achievement would be worthless to me.
In my schoolwork, I always try to give a hundred percent of my effort on any and everything I need to accomplish, whether I thought it was important…

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