Essay on Why I Didn 't This Social Circles

1361 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
I crave company. It’s how I’ve always been. I want to feel welcome, needed, accepted. I don’t think that’s wrong or unusual. All throughout my life, I have always needed to be surrounded by friends, or at least people who pretended like they were. I always felt that I needed to have plans on the weekends, be invited to the cool parties, fill my yearbook up with signatures, and keep up with or surpass my friends on their number of Facebook followers. However, looking back now, I’m not sure I like how I used to go about staying in these social circles. It is so important to have an identity that stays consistent to oneself, though it is much easier to conform to a group in order to fit in. Im middle school I hung out with the popular kids. We hung out by the tables in the back of the blacktop, were invited to all the parties, and were considered ‘cool’. This, however, was not me. My friends from elementary school were the ones who began hanging out with this group, and I just kind of followed, like a lost puppy trying to fit into a new school. It was harmless for the first year or two, but as we began getting into eighth grade, everyone started changing. I tried to evolve with them, keeping with the group that I had known so long. I snuck out of the house during our sleepovers even though I knew it was wrong just so I wasn 't the chicken left behind. My first kiss was with a random person during a game of truth or dare at a party; super romantic, right? I couldn 't risk…

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