Why I Didn 't The First Word Out Of Your Mind? Essay

1380 Words Nov 16th, 2016 6 Pages
If you are asked to describe Africa or South America, what is the first word out of your mind? Is it “wild”, “developing”, “underdeveloped” and “poor”? If your answers are these stereotypes, I bet you do not know much about these places. In fact, before I took the feminism class, these words had been rooted in my mind so deeply that I can hardly ever find an aspect to appreciate these places. However, that class not only erased these stereotypes from my mind, but also had changed my understanding of “love perception”, which is a key element that encourages one to appreciate others. After the class, for me, “love perception” is no longer limited to the sympathy to those who I think are less fortunate but is more like a reminder to respect. I remember it was a cold winter when I took that class. I wore a thick coat to defeat the cold weather. Maybe because of the passion to the class, I felt hot when I set in the classroom. I ceaselessly heard the words like “I take the class because I want to help those less fortunate” and “I think this class is interesting. I think you will learn a lot about different parts of the world.” I feel passionate and energetic as my classmates did. “Ok.” As a very loud but soft voice spread in the class, everyone suddenly became quit and focused on the stage. It was our professor, who was in large size, and I believed it was because she had so many things and people to care about. She then bravely introduced herself. Her gentle eyes made me…

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