Why I Didn 't The Best Sport Essay

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I was ten years old when my mom warned me, “Don’t ever get fat,” as she exited the Shopko dressing room.

I went home that afternoon, and I distinctly remember standing naked in front of my dresser mirror. I could see stretch marks, a white splotchy birthmark on my right hip, and a few dimples on the backs of my legs. Was this the dreaded fat that she mentioned? I didn’t even know what I was looking for.

In high school, I became very involved in athletics–with gymnastics being my favorite sport. I certainly wasn’t the best on the team, but I loved the feeling of being active, fit, and a hardworking athlete. In those days, healthy eating was a fleeting thought replaced with regular consumption of Hardy’s Frisco burgers and extra large cartons of fries. I knew nothing about nutrition, but as long as I worked out on a consistent basis, I managed to dodge ever gaining a pound. I secretly celebrated this triumph.

So, when my gymnastic coach walked into practice with a scale one afternoon and announced we were doing weigh-ins, I declared my disapproval by refusing to hop on the scale. “I’m not overweight,” I announced. “I’m not going to do this.” In particular, I was not going to allow myself to be weighed in front of other people.

However, my friends–none of whom even had the slightest potbelly–repeatedly complained about their size, shape, and weight just so someone could say, “No your not! You look great.” Truth be told, I kept my fear private, never allowing anyone to…

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