Essay on Why I Didn 't Something It?

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Two weeks later and I haven’t heard anything from Kye which really shouldn’t surprise me, but it does. Jay hasn’t really said anything about what happened and I don’t think he really cares. He’s been calling me more often so I think that means whoever he was supposed to be seeing cut him off. This has all been happening for a purpose; every single time we try to go against each other it never works out. We are meant to be for each other. . .maybe he’s finally starting to see this.

We stayed up until three in the morning last night talking about absolutely nothing; remembering the times when things weren’t complicated at all. I continued ironing my uniform for a new job I got at a diner down the street. Belle has been texting me ever since I found out what happened. I won’t ever forgive her for what she did to me. I told her what was happening between Kye and I, and she took advantage of the situation. She thought of herself, and what she could get out of it.

She was wrapped up in the attention, the rush, and the rebellion. She couldn’t decipher the difference between real life and a day dream. How long before I found out, was it weeks or months? Before I found out she sabotaged every inch of what I thought was mine. She sent those texts from Jay’s phone, she filled me up with doubt, and made everything a mess. Her values must have lowered from jealousy; envious of something she could never have.

I felt like she set me up, knowing that the two worlds I wanted to keep…

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