Why I Didn 't Sleep With My Boss? Essay

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"No," she said. "I didn 't sleep with my boss or anyone except you, all the days of my life. I never even thought about it." She was so upset. She knew that he would never believe her, but she tried anyway. It was not because she was not honest. It was because Dad was not a trustworthy person himself, as husband, so he didn 't trust anyone else either!
He was about to start hitting her again! So she said, "Listen! Don’t even think about hitting me again. I’m pregnant over eight months. I don’t want you to kill this child, like you did to some of the others. Listen! I never told you before, but I buried two babes because of you. You didn’t know or care about it though, because you were hardly ever here when I gave birth or was pregnant! You never even asked me if I was ok, or not! We have had ten children. Two died and eight are still alive."
Even when he was at home, he didn’t really ask how she was doing, but he was so surprized, staring at Mum with wide eyes open, "You lost children? What do you mean, children died?”
"Yes," she yelled, "because of you, at 7 months and 9 months. I bore them by myself. No one knew about it. I kept it just to myself because there was no one who asked!" The neighbour kind of wondered if she was pregnant or not, but she had lied about it, so they just thought maybe she had put on weight. Mum didn 't put that much weight on, even when she was pregnant, so anyway that had worked well!
She had a really fit body, even after ten children. She…

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