Why I Didn 't Sleep On The New House Essays

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When we land in Acirema, I am tired. I couldn 't sleep on the boat, something from the party didn 't add up. The guy who yelled "Is that the one they thought had both powers?" how had he known about that? I try to tell myself that the only reason he knew was because most people there were apart of the Acirema government, so maybe that 's how he knew. But another part of me feels like there 's a sign on my forehead saying "Hey look at me I 'm the freak with both gifts!" Even though I still don 't understand the importance of me having both powers, I trust Iris. No one can know about both my powers. Right now the five us accompanied by Iris and Michael are walking to our new house, where we are in Acirema looks exactly like a normal urban neighborhood in America. The only difference is there 's people with multiple arms, people breathing fire, people flying, it 's like Marvel threw all the X-Men here and put them in normal clothes.

"What are you thinking about?" Fabian says from my side.

"How everything is going to change now."

"Don 't. Life will be better." Iris says from in front of us.

"I didn 't say it wouldn 't be better, I just said it would be different."

Iris ignores me. "We 're here." she says stopping in front of a large brick house.

"It looks big enough for all of us." Mene says. "But is there food?"

"Is food all you think about?” Rebekah asks.

"Yeah." he says.

"You 're weird.” Rebekah says.

"He 's a normal teenage boy." Michael says from besides Iris.…

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