Why I Didn 't Me? Essay

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Why Me? In many school systems around the world, it is mandatory to have student enroll and complete at least a history or social studies course in elementary or high school or even both. These classes were meant to expose students to past and contemporary issues around the world and their local and international relevance. One of those issues was that of slavery. Not just slavery but slavery in the American North America. Every time a teacher brought it up and actually taught it in classes, there was that feeling that it must be a sobering subject so I had to feel emotions like anger, disgust, pain and more. But honestly because of how it was addressed and summarized, I just felt that it is unfortunate that the slave trade occurred but it wasn’t that horrible and now everything has been settled and we can move on with our lives. But as I got to college and I enrolled in more informative classes, I now feel a crushing shame for ever thinking like that. Slavery was the precursor to many of the problems the African and the black individual encounter today. But why did it happen. Why were Africans traded and enslaved at such record amounts? Why was is that at a time my ancestors were thought to be cheap enough to be sold for trinkets and guns? After reading, doing research and exploring different theories for the reason that Africans seemed to be the most ideal commodity in the slave market. I have come to the conclusion that the reason for the enslavement of Africans…

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