Why I Didn 't Care Essays

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Lexi ran outside. She didn’t care that it was late and that walking around at this hour could cause her trouble, it had already caused her trouble before, right? But Lexi didn’t care. Her life was shit anyway, why should she care? She was drowning in debt, worked a job she hated, getting paid close to nothing. She had lost her one chance at being with the most beautiful man she had ever laid her eyes on and now she had lost her best friend. She still couldn’t believe that Noah had lied to her. How could he? Lexi thought he cared about her. In a fit of frustration, Lexi walked down her street, not really paying attention to her surroundings. She knew how unexplainably stupid she was being, but she didn’t care. She almost wanted something bad to happen to her, because if it did, then she wouldn’t have to live her pitiful life. As she walked along, her phone suddenly rang. She took it out of her pocket, exasperated. It was Noah. She silenced it, not wanting to hear his voice right now. What he had done was selfish beyond belief and Lexi didn’t want, under any circumstances to hear him right now. She knew she would probably forgive him in time, but right now she was too mad to even pick up the phone. Lexi kept walking down the street. She was approaching the intersection of Park and Second St. She looked at the intersection. It was a gateway to the particularly bad part of town. Lexi kept walking. She didn’t care. A gust of wind passed by her,…

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