Why I Didn 't Be A Strict Writing Class Essay

852 Words Dec 5th, 2014 4 Pages
When entering English 099, I had no idea what expect. I didn 't know if it - the class - was going to be a strict writing class where things are rarely learned. I knew that there was more to writing than just plucking a few keys that resulted with a perfect essay. When entering this class goals had to be in mind and schedules had to be created to be on track regardless of any extrinsic or intrinsic blocks along the way. With critics and commentary from my professor and peers. I 've gained knowledge during this semester that will come in hand throughout the years in any case.
Throughout this semester I have discovered that when developing an essay I tend to have word vomit in the beginning. I 've learned to channel this in a positive way. Instead of giving readers too much information that isn 't needed I narrow the information to an amount that isn 't overwhelming. In future courses I feel that this would be useful because it would make the process of writing easier whether the purpose is for a writing class or not.
I already had a few goals in mind to accomplish. I already knew that I wanted to become a better writer in general. Besides that, I wanted to gain an understanding of how to be grammatically and punctually correct. Another goal I wanted to accomplish is being able to articulate an essay in a shorter process than before. Even though I knew that this was a lot to accomplish in just one semester I knew it could be done. I now feel that I have accomplished most of…

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