Why I Didn Doesn Isn ` T Get More Chances For Learn Filipino Essay example

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Shame I didn`t get more chances to learn Filipino. Looks a fun. Next year whole letter in Tagalog :-)

Firstly, I hesitated whether it is a good idea thus, my congratulation is a few days slower. However, hope you enjoyed your day.

I know I already apologised nevertheless... After we broke up it wasn`t easy to forget you so always when you came in my mind, I kept replaying our worst moments till I believed there was nothing nice about our relationship, I didn`t mean anything to you and to be honest, I limited you to an unpleasant person. When I finally accepted it, I simply deleted it all out of my head. Certainly, I`ve remained you from time to time, but I never allowed myself to think of you softly. Then we chatted and out of the blue, my feelings for you started to return. It was very puzzling to process it so quickly and to tell the truth, I wasn`t even sure what I want. Well, I`d give my right hand for the time machine. Don`t you have a spare one? I`m not asking for your friendship either Facebook friendship. I`m only sorry I spoiled your nice try so badly. Anyway, although it`s already a history for you, I found out just a few months ago. ...and I feel guilty for your divorce. ...and I have never been given a chance to explain anything. To make you aware, it sounds childish and immature, though I barely knew myself when we met besides you`ve probably never realized but I wasn`t dating anyone before you. Hence it was all new to me and it`s quite tricky to start it…

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