Why I Chose Social Work Essay

805 Words Feb 17th, 2016 4 Pages
After reading the articles It made me think about why I chose social work as my major. I remember when I was younger seeing someone being mistreat and abuse this made me very angry I decided to take action and reported this kind of behavior. Reading this articles made me think about the unfortunate experience that I had to go through, I was not surprise that during the ancient era parents will neglect and abuse their children.From what I know is that if a parent had a child with disabilities many were ashamed and prefer their child to be death. This kind of punishment was very crucial, even though conditions have improved many children are still being abused by their own parents and closed relatives. What I got out from the readings was that people with disabilities have had to struggle against centuries for society to accept them. Like many other oppressed minorities people with disabilities have been marginalized over generations and that it has taken a lot of hard work to dedication to get where we are know. In addition learning about the different ideologies of people who were in favor of this kind of abuse made me question their status and credibility within our culture. An example, is greek philosopher Aristotle who believed that laws should be established and prohibit the birth of children with disabilities, learning this kind of information was new for me. Growing up my teachers always presented Aristotle as a great thinker who invented logic, but after reading…

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