Why I Chose Nursing Essay

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Why I became a nurse. As a child I was taught many good values. My mother had a strong belief in God and she preached her beliefs to the family. I was taught not to be judgmental, treat others as though you would like to be treated, life is very special, love one another as you love yourself, be caring, kind, and responsible. My mother was a great influence on me. Growing up in a family of nine children, there wasn’t much money to pay for medical care. She tried to keep her children healthy. I remember every morning before school, my mother would line up all of the kids and one by one make us take a spoonful of cod liver oil. When we returned home from school she would give us a vitamin C tablet. She said it was important
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She had asked me to gather all the family and head to the hospital; my mother had a turned for the worst. I was told we had a little time to spend her on her last day. Within the hour, we were all at the hospital. All of my brothers and sisters surrounded the bed. My mother was still coherent. She was able to communicate with us. When she felt it was already time, she gave each and every one of us a hug and whispered something different in our ear. Minutes later she took her last breath.
Essence of Nursing
My family and I were very grateful for the opportunity we were given to spend with our mother before she passed away and the time we spent after her death in the hospital. She had died at the age of 55. After her death, I felt lost. I didn’t know if I wanted to return to school. It took me a year to realize that my mother would not have wanted me to give up. I remembered how caring my mother was and how I was taught to care about others. I also remembered the care she was given when she was in the hospital. I then decided to return to school and I realized what I wanted to do. I wanted to become a nurse. I wanted to care for others just like my mother cared for our family and like the nurses cared for my mother.
Beliefs and Values
I believe a nurse’s mission is to help others; and also have an obligation to provide excellent care along with maintaining safety. A nurse should be caring, compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental. They also should be

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