Essay Why I Chose Criminal Justice

1111 Words Jul 21st, 2016 null Page
The career occupation I chose is Law Enforcement. This is why I chose Criminal Justice as my major, so that it could help and with the information to be in Law Enforcement. Since I done many assessment in class, I got to see my personality and I also got to find out my skills. In this paper I’m going to explain why this occupation, and why it’s a fit for me by my personality, values, interests, strengths, and skills.

On the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, my personality profile was Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging, also known as ESTJ. Extraversion is a person who enjoys working outside and interact with others and to take action. Sensing is a person who uses their five senses to focus on information. Thinking is people who make decisions or conclusions on logic for the primary goals. Judging are people who tend to rush into conclusion and need to have a plan that is organized. I believe all the areas of my personality works well with my occupation which is Law Enforcement. In, it states “ESTJ’s like to be in control and management positions preferring to be in a role where they can make decisions and enforce policies and procedures”. The reason for this is because Extraversion love to work outside and to interact with others. Also, the Thinking profile works well with Law Enforcement because you will have to be serious and be more logical. In Sensing, you could use your five senses to get the information from the victim,…

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