Essay about Why I Chose As Parents

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The meaning is just what it states, our minds are social; the way in which our minds function is based on the aspect of being social. The way that we think and process the world around us is dependent upon the way in which we have been influenced by others. From our birth and throughout our life people have colonized our mind; our mind in colonized based on certain people and without certain people our mind will break down. In some ways we are aware of this colonization and how people impact our minds; we are aware of this because we carefully select who we listen to and who we don’t. This idea is expressed in Reading Good Books as it states, “People’s basic attitude about books and reading change as a result of what they do and do not read” (Anton, 11). This is why “who you chose as parents” is so crucial because parents are just a few of the figures that largely shape you into who you are but also shape the way in which you see the world. This idea of the mind being social carries over into how we are an individual but at the same time we are not. Through reading Postman and Weingartner’s Meaning Making, an idea that can be discovered is that yes, you are unique, but you are never unique in a social way. We are all individuals and believe that we are all unique and different from each other. We see the world uniquely but we also see it through a type of lens that has been sculpted for us out of everyone who has influenced us in one way or another. However, the…

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