Essay on Why I Chose A Degree Program

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As a child I loved taking things apart—was obsessed with learning how things worked. After years of studying different subjects I realize that science could help me learn how things worked. So upon entering into college I chose a degree program dedicated to the sciences, more specifically biological research. I was drawn to the idea that I could change people’s lives through science. After volunteering as a sexual assault advocate however, I realized I enjoyed the direct interaction with people, and I was really good at listening attentively to them, and solving their problems. This unexpected discovery led me to consider a career in medicine; it fed my desire to learn how things worked, but also allowed me to utilize my unique experiences, and problem-solving skills to help people.
Since this discovery occurred late in my college career, I decided to take some time off after graduation to figure things out. I didn’t want to make a hasty decision, nor did I want to be naïve about the realities of being a doctor. I looked into medical school programs, and their admission requirements. To gain medical field experience I shadowed a local physician; I got a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a doctor. I sat in on appointments, helped with minor in-office procedures like mole removals, and even witnessed a few births. Getting to interact with the patents was exciting and I became adept at making the children feel at ease. This experience really cemented the fact that medicine…

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