Why I Chose A Court Administrator Essay

1170 Words May 28th, 2016 5 Pages
Outside of the electronic systems I feel that any court official helps make the court run efficiently. If I had to choose one individual I would chose a court administrator to be the one who has a high impact. My reason being is they are the eyes and ears for pretty much everything. These individuals are the ones who schedule trial dates and handle a majority of the official paperwork. The court administrator I feel is like the middle man to everyone. In other words the lawyers bring in lawsuits and filings and the court administrator processes them. Once they are processed they are brought to the judge for review. Any changes that need to be made or special accommodations are made through the court administrator. This individual who accepts this job needs to be highly organized, work well under pressure and understand time management. Therefore, without the court administrator nothing would be processed or organized. That is why I feel they are like the backbone of the court system.
The litigation process for the cases involving Jane, Herman and Jed should be relatively simple. To my understanding a litigation process is where charges are filed. Here we would have the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia bringing the proper charges on Jane, Herman and Jed. After the charges are finalized on Jane, Herman and Jed they will be informed of the charges in something called an arraignment. An arraignments primary purpose is to inform the charges being against the…

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