Essay about Why I Choose Agronomy As Your Major?

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1. Why did you choose Agronomy as your major? Did you enter as a freshmen or transfer student?
I chose to major in Agronomy because I found the topic relatable to my agricultural background. I was pulled in by the concern for the future population and providing society necessities such as food, fuel, and fiber. Throughout my time at Iowa State, I became more concerned with the environmental aspect so I chose a secondary major of Environmental Studies. Currently, my goal is to mitigate agricultures impact on the environment throughout the rest of my life. I entered the department during my second semester at Iowa State, because I started in Agricultural Business and realized it was not the right major for me.
2. When (semester) will you graduate? What are your immediate plans once you graduate with a degree from Agronomy? Your 5 year goals [What do you hope to be doing in five years?]
I will graduate this December 2016. My immediate plans are to find employment. I will be returning home to either work from there or I will be moving sometime this coming winter or spring. I would like to work for a company who shares my goals and values of mitigating agricultures impact on the environment. In the next five years I still hope to be making an impact related to the environment and agriculture. I still might consider returning to school for a graduate degree. I did like the Master of Science for Agronomy, which was brought up during Agronomy 410 class, as a great option…

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