Why I Call School At The Stand Or Accuse Him Of Killing Creativity, Individuality, And Being Intellectually

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“I call school to the stand and accuse him of killing creativity, individuality, and being intellectually abusive.” Prince Ea a well-respected poet, film maker and speaker. His thought’s and feeling’s give a sense of general well-being and proactive thinking. His formal name is Richard Williams; and he graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis, with his BA in Anthropology with great distinction, and a full scholarship. This particular work of art is quite controversial, in thus describes Prince Ea hypothetically suing Americas school system’s. In his opening statement Prince Ea quotes Albert Einstein “everybody’s genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” This statement alludes many key points in the poem; the increased standardized structure of many American school systems, coupled with the lack of creativity promoting curriculum. As well as a dramatic statement at the end of the work. The plaintiff argues on the behalf of students, in many cases are unable to find his/or her unique talent. To elaborate, every individual learns in different ways, including many new theories’ previously unknown. Schools focus on a systematic standardized approach, rather than a creative collaborative approach. These methods previously worked, but currently are outdated.
Exhibit A: First, the plaintiff showed the jury a phone one-hundred fifty years ago vs. a current phone. Next, a car one-hundred…

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