Why I Believe Tea Principal Standard II Essays

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The purpose of this paper is to reflect on readings, videos and article assigned for module one. I will discuss why I believe TEA Principal Standard II; Competence 001 most aligns with the information provided in this module. I will transmit personal experiences that relate to the readings of module four. One of the major things that stood out to me this week include the six themes of leadership, the qualities of new leadership and the results of successful school leadership. This paper will allow me to reflect critically on my learnings from this module and transition from theory to practice in becoming an effective leader.

Leadership is often the most commonly deliberated topic within any educational setting, but what does it take to be an effective educational leader? We usually hear that leaders are born and not made. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that leadership is a quality that can be learned and perfected over time. According to Vornberg and Hickey, “recent studies recommend the best candidates and stress that visioning, communicating, teamwork, empowering, mentoring and evaluating must be centered on love.” (Vornberg, Hickey, and Borgemenke, 2014, p. 76) Vornberg and Hickey, write about six themes of leadership. From the six themes, the most meaningful theme for me was, “Leadership as a force of love.” (Vornberg, Hickey, and Borgemenke, 2014, p. 75)
Reflecting back on my time attending schools that were deemed disadvantaged, I can…

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