Why I Believe It ` S No Single, Accepted Way Of Carrying Out A Research?

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I believe it`s important to note that there`s no single, accepted way of carrying out a research. Indeed, how researchers proceed depends on upon a range of factors, including their beliefs about the nature of the social world, the nature of knowledge and how it can be acquired, the purposes, and the goals of the research, its participants or I would say the audience and time and environment in which they`re conducting. Differences in the mix of these factors have led to numerous variations in the types of approaches to how one asks a question.
That being said, when we seek to explain “what” is the certain events, issue or process is, “how” and “why” they came to be, we`re necessarily asking questions that can be answered using qualitative methods. Specific data-generation methods such as observational methods, interviews, ethnography and focus on groups have been identifies with qualitative research, although they vary considerably in terms of methods they use. The volume and richness of qualitative data are highlighted, as are the distinctive approaches qualitative researchers bring to analysis and interpretation, and the kinds of output derives from it. This approach can also be used to look at the language and structure of text and their changes over time, and how it might change the perception of the word itself. Thus, our everyday activities, ideas or beliefs can also be changed because of the use of language and meanings. For example, we talked about how they word…

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