Why I Become An Educator Essay

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Like a house we need a foundation. Without the foundation, like a house, we will fall apart at any chance we get. The foundation is the genesis of any product. I like to think of Kindergarten and Elementary school teachers as the foundation placers. These are the people who lay down the necessary tools to guide and instruct many children to be the future of this world. Giving them the knowledge to the unavoidable things in life. I have known I wanted to become an educator since I was in Elementary school myself. I was blessed with many opportunities to be a teacher’s assistant through out my whole education experience. In grade school I skipped my recess and gave my assistance to the other teacher, prepping the best I can to help the teachers in anyway. In middle school I mainly assisted with special needs students and helping as much as I was able too, during my study halls, and lunch break. Going through High school I became a PE leader and learned Leadership skill, helping in the health and physical education for 2 years. Getting to see the face a child makes when they accomplish something and learn something for the first time is the most rewarding, and satisfying thing any educator can ask for. I have researched in detail my career of choice, Kindergarten and Elementary Education Teacher. With the research I have found I wanted to share with you: what it means and takes to be an Kindergarten teacher, the education requirements for this career, and the payment and…

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