Why I Became A Finance Graduate Looking For A Job Essay

1749 Words Aug 12th, 2016 7 Pages
There comes a time in a person’s life when they should reflect on their accomplishments, and discover those things still left undone. I firmly believe, all human beings come to life with an unknown purpose and a hidden talent that they must uncover throughout their life span. Some people discover their vocation early in their lives; conversely; there are others, like myself, which find their real passion in their adulthood. Looking back in time, I cannot recall the time or circumstances that lead me to pursue a career in business; and before I knew, I became a finance graduate looking for a job. It was not long after my graduation that I realized I was on the wrong career path. I have worked in different industries: retail, banking, beverage; in all three I have always worked with the public, and I have built a reputation of a customer-centric employee. Always willing to support, take care of my clients, and actively listening to their needs. I realized that I had an inherent need for caring for other’s wellbeing and that both my customers and fellow workers were usually looking for my professional and even personal counsel. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer doing managerial and administrative tasks at a clinic offering services to children with developmental disorders, specifically children with autism. While working at the treatment center, I witnessed first-hand the struggles and challenges that parents and special needs children endure.Working…

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