Why I Became A Doctor Essay

1036 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
The One Thing
Many, if not all, people dream big when they are young. When I was a child, I aspired to be an entrepreneur and create something valuable during my lifetime. I remember my parents’ astounded faces when I uttered the term “entrepreneur” at my fourth grade graduation ceremony. I only used the term to impress my parents and boast my superior vocabulary to my peers. However, dreams change throughout our lifetimes and our goals begin to align with our current emotional and physical desires. During my pubescent stage, I aspired to become a doctor only because of money. Once I became an adult, politics became my central focus- being able to help people through litigation and judicial interpretation is extremely interesting and worthwhile. Becoming a Supreme Court justice of the United States is my one thing. The previous rulings of the Supreme Court-outlawing segregation, giving people the right to vote; making gay marriage legalized in all fifty states- inspire me to be apart of such process of making everyone equal under true blind law.
However, many people doubt that I will achieve such high office. I even tend to doubt myself. Thinking about the strenuous obstacles such as undergraduate school, graduate school, the LSAT, law school, law practice, and state judgeship tend to discourage me. Can I really achieve the office of a Supreme Court justice? “You really can’t be a Supreme Court justice,” some say, “they have lifetime tenure and you have to pay for law…

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