Why I Became A Christian Essay

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I became a Christian in 2008 while serving in the United States Navy stationed overseas in Greece. I always wanted to teach kids in some way either elementary or middle school, but never knew what topics I wanted to teach. While in Greece I met a really wonderful family with six children and started to help the parents out anywhere I could. Within the year there I helped out teaching the Sunday school lessons for the children there. I had a very fun and amazing time helping those kids out and teaching them about God, Jesus and the Bible. I left Greece and I moved to San Diego where I joined a large church there called the Rock Church where I became an even bigger Christian serving in the congregation, but because I was on a ship and deployed I wasn’t able to help out with “the Rock Kids” children’s ministry. It wasn’t until 2011 did I finally get stationed on a shore command where I was able to finally join the children’s ministry and when I did I realized what my true calling was, to become a Youth Minister. I started off teaching 3rd-5th graders and it was amazing, the lessons and the interactions with the children and the parents felt so right for me. As the church grew and opened up more locations the other teachers moved so I was blessed with the opportunity to teach the first and second graders as well. This experience was a little bit more to handle, however it was such a blessing. These children at this age spoke the truth so openly and their hearts were so pure that…

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