Why I Attend College Is Not Just For Gain Knowledge But For The Poor From Poverty

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In the past education was accessible and was considered a great equalizer. Being able to lift the poor from poverty and have allowing them to have a better economic future. The access to education is hard for the less fortunate because of the industrial system we live in. People are told that if they are well educated, they will have a bright future and succeed in their lives. The main reason why people attend college is not just to gain knowledge but to make money. The children from rich families tend to do better in schools. The children from good economic status have greater opportunities in their lifetime. People can access easier education if they have money and are not very smart. Higher education is getting more expensive every year. As a young Latina mother raised in a low income home, I know the privileges and disadvantages I have. My parents have always inculcated my sibling and me that education is important, that the United States is the land of opportunities where if you believe it you can achieve it. They taught us that to be well educated can take us to great places, and not just to gain money, but joy for ourselves. The education system is unfair for low income students because they are not given the same opportunity and the resources that their upper class peers do.
The achievement gap between white and black students has narrowed over the past decades, but the gap between poor and rich students has grown a lot during the same period. Students from low…

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