Why I Am Vegan By Tristram Mcpherson Essay

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Tristram McPherson enthusiastically sets out to prove that killing animals under nearly any circumstance is morally wrong. In “Why I am Vegan”, he lays out a multitude of different reasons which it is wrong to kill even painlessly. McPherson has several very valid and reasonable ideas however they lack any type of support as to why they should be upheld. McPherson spends a lot of the second section considering the autonomy and future of the animals; however, more importantly he compares the killing of animals to the killing of humans. McPherson does not provide adequate reasoning for why the practice of killing animals is morally wrong. I am going to show that it is morally ok to end the life of an animal if it is done humanly. This is going to be done by showing animals don’t have the ability to value their futures and by laying out the reasons why using humans in his examples fail.
Many would probably consider McPherson’s point of view on the issue of taking the life of an animal a pretty radical one. One big issue he addresses and disagrees with is the idea that it is somehow morally better to kill an animal without suffering opposed to with. He believes it is never ok to end the life of an animal unless in the presence of extreme circumstances. Moving from the topic of killing animals McPherson relates the idea to killing other humans. The fact that killing takes away one’s autonomy really troubles him. Another reason killing humans is wrong is the fact that it takes…

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