Essay on Why I Am The World Of Nursing

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An important question that every student is always asked by everyone, sometimes even to themselves, would be,” What is your major? Or What are you going to school for?” Every student that is not sure of which path they want to take, must feel the pressure to hurry up and decide what career path they want to travel. There is no wrong or right answer to this question because even people who are so sure, can change their minds once they are actually out working in the profession that they chose. If you were to search for the top careers in the world today, you would have plenty to choose from. In the following sentences, let me give you some basic knowledge that I have just acquired on one career that has been interesting to me, which would be the world of Nursing.
Let me begin by saying that I thought Nursing was very simple and easy once you finished Nursing school but as I started looking into it some more, I realized that it requires a lot from you and your time. For one, you never stop learning! I was amazed to see that even after you complete your training and receive all your diplomas and certifications, you must be able to keep up with new procedures, medications, etc… In order to keep your nursing license, you may choose among three methods of demonstrating your continuing competency for each two-year licensing period. “A nurse may complete 20 contact hours of continuing nursing education (CNE) in the nurse 's area of practice; achieve, maintain, or renew an approved…

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