Why I Am Not Good At Language Comprehension Essay example

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Recently, a lot people around me have asked me why I always smile and never show my anger or my sadness. That is probably because overcoming obstacles have made me into a positive person. Throughout my nineteen years of life I have had five major surgeries that including life-threatening tumor removal, skin grafts due to fingers were not growing after burns, retinal hemorrhage after being hit by a soccer ball, tonsil removal as I had breathing difficulties, and extracting four wisdom teeth at once recently, of which the latter was nothing compared to the others. Four operations out of five were received before age ten. My mother still wonders the reason why I am not good at language comprehension is because I received quite a few general anesthesia for my surgeries.
Anyway, what I found even more difficult was the mental challenge of learning a second language and overcoming my shyness. Not long ago, I considered myself to be shy person, especially around people who spoke a different language. Because of this, my new start as an immigrant in United States was challenging for me. My shyness and lack of English language were a communication barrier. It appeared most people did not understand my English, therefore I didn’t want to talk to anyone or have any friends who didn’t speak my language. However, my initial aversions to interacting with people in the process of learning a new language and adapting to a new country have changed. I was able to overcome…

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