Essay Why I Am My Passion

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In this memorandum I am going to propose what I believe my passion is in life and why. I will identify what I plan to do to ensure the path I chose is truly my passion. I will describe how my passion can be used in a career including details on how I will obtain this information. Goals, aspirations, and dreams I hope to achieve will be included in detail. Also, the research I plan to do to identify the impact that I hope to make utilizing my passion in my career will be specifically stated. The research I will have to do to learn the specific knowledge and skills I need to have success in accomplishing my goals will be identified in this paper. The reliable online and human resources will be identified. Soft skills and professional skills required to have in order to be successful in my career will be identified. Subject areas that I plan to research information about the needed for my career will be stated as well. Lastly, the academic major that I think would be most helpful to achieve my goals and the specific subject areas that I will use to identify this major will be stated.

My passion is to design and build things. I grew up watching my dad create and build old cars. He would build and restore the cars from a rusty piece of metal to a beautiful street rod. He would have to design pieces of metal such as braces, floor pans, or cab corners that would fit his car. At a young age I would help him. As a result, I grew to love designing and building things. In high school…

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