Why I Am Good With Animals And Children Essay

1360 Words Sep 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Earlier in my life, I struggled with four things: family, friends, school, and myself, until I moved here to Texas for a second chance in my life. Throughout my life, I am always moving. Always adapting to new challenges. I do not do drugs nor smoke because I had learned it in a hard way in my early years. I always do the best I can to help others, and just try to do good. I am quiet and socially awkward and do not have many friends. That is why I am good with animals and children because they are simple, they speak straight from their minds, and act as they intended. Gambling and drugs are what I hate the most because it destroyed my family. It hurts even more when I needed someone but they are not there because gambling and drugs took my family apart. Ever since I was a child, I struggled to have a real family. My father did drugs, gambled, and lied so my mother left him. I am always moving back and forth between my mother and father. Later on, after my father passed away. At his Cremation, I saw his bone was green due to the drugs he did. It scares me, so I told myself never get into drugs, smoke, also to never lie unless is to protect others.
I have been to the darkest place at the age of ten after my father passed. I was laughed at because for a short time I become less involved with the school, no one tried to ask or understand. I did not want to tell people about it either, just bury it in myself. Growing up from it, I become more observant. I am always aware…

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