Why I Am Attending College Essay

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Essay # 2 Why I Am Attending College
As I observed my fellow classmates graduate high school, I anxiously awaited to hear my name announced. Finally it was my turn, “Teresa Hall” rang loudly over the two black speakers. I ran up the steep wooden steps, and fumbled my way across the rickety old stage. Then, I shook the sweaty hands of the school board members and grabbed my high school diploma. After years of eagerly waiting for this moment, it was over in a flash. It was now time to ask myself “what do I want to do with the rest of my life?” The possibilities were endless, but I still struggled to answer this one simple question and it confused me as to why I could not answer it or commit to a career path. Fifteen years later I can finally answer my own question: I want to become what nobody else in my family has ever accomplished and that is become a college student. Additionally, I hope by becoming a college student I can create a positive impact on my family and make a genuine difference within my career.
My first reason for attending college is to become the first-generation in my family to receive a college degree. Unfortunately, nobody in my family has ever attended college. As a result, it has caused both emotional and financial distress. After graduating high school my father became an over the road truck driver and never swayed away from the truck driving industry. This in the end, led him further away from his family emotionally and physically and eventually…

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