Why I Am An Educator Essay

811 Words Apr 26th, 2016 4 Pages
This past semester, I have acquired so much information regarding education and how it relates to Standard 9. It’s critical to know about the social, historical, and the philosophical base of education when aspiring to be an educator. These 3 key terms have the most impact on a student’s education, which is why future teachers need to know and become familiar with Standard 9.There are many responsibilities to posses when teaching, such as knowledge of the U.S. Education System, and how it’s history affects how students are taught today. Sometimes the best way to learn is through other people’s mistakes. Since there are some flaws in the U.S. Education System today, I will do my best to make sure those faults don’t affect my students in any negative ways. (Most of the faults include race and gender discrimination). It is my duty to ensure that my students feel comfortable and safe in my classroom environment. I need to be able to adapt to each student’s needs and better their education as a whole, thus the significance of Standard 9 and how it affects students and teachers across The United States.

While this class has progressed, there have been numerous discussions and presentations on what responsibilities and traits make a “good” teacher. Personally for me, I believe diversity is the most pivotal to comprehend, when becoming a “good” teacher. Knowing about diversity is an important responsibility, especially in today’s society, because so many people…

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