Essay on Why I Am An Economist Who Can Make A New Education System

706 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
Growing up in China during the late 1990s allowed me to see how a backwards economy can evolve continuously, and register itself as a booming economy. The policies and measures implemented really interested me. Over time, my inquisitiveness has evolved into the passion for economics. I believe there must be a way for the world 's economy to achieve all-around win with best policies made, and I would like to be an economist who can make a small contribution to this wish.
As a Chinese scholar who came to Singapore to study four years ago, I encountered difficulties under a wholly new education system. I overcame the obstacles such as language and cultural difference with my strong interpersonal skill, adaptive capacity and hardworking. All these strengthen my resilience to study in foreign countries. A new environment gave me opportunities to show my full potential in creativity, independent and personality at the same time.
Though I have a strong interest in business, entrepreneurship and the global market, Economics sits at the heart of each of these areas. It will be fundamental for me to first understand Economics. I initiated to be the subject representative throughout the two-year learning of economics. I had a clear understanding of economic theory, concepts and principles, and how to apply quantitative methods and computing techniques under different situations. The relevance of economics to the modern world led me to want to pursue economics at a higher level. I am…

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