Why I Am An Assignment Essay

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When I first receive an assignment, I brainstorm brief but extensive ideas of how I plan on attacking this essay. I tell myself, “I’ll start right away!” and “This is going to be the greatest essay my teacher has ever read!” and unfortunately for both me and my teacher, this is not the case. More often it follows the same pattern over and over again with few deviations. The steps occur as such: forgetting, procrastinating in which I journey through the five stages of grief, creating my rough draft, revising said rough draft, and finally handing it in. First I receive the assignment. I’ll compose beautifully-worded essays in my mind as we discuss the prompt and I’ll dream of the coveted ‘A.’ But alas, the ideas are gone after I begin to daydream instead about taking a nap, a wonder which I never have time for. The second step is forgetting. I’ve been given the prompt and the due date and then I forget about it. After briefly planning it the morning it was assigned, I shove into the dark, dusty corners of my mind until the due date draws nearer and it becomes unavoidable should I wish to maintain a good grade and benefit from the essay-writing experience. Once the due date begins to approach, I begin my third step: procrastination. Obviously at this point I have remembered the essay and am now avoiding it at all costs. During this step, I experience denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. First I deny the existence of the essay in an attempt to return to my…

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