Why I Am A Waitress At Soho Park Essay

1590 Words Dec 16th, 2016 7 Pages
It’s five o’clock sharp when I walk into the restaurant, embracing the warmth of the heaters and the mix of chatter overpowering the sounds of the grill and coffee machine. The warm lighting from the light fixtures hanging above every table sets the tone for large gatherings and romantic date nights in contrast to the mix of Spanish and indie pop music that plays together in harmony. Customers gather around the counters, trying to put in the last orders to the cashiers, as the workers starts to shift the restaurant from counter to table service. I am a waitress at Soho Park, an American restaurant known for its burgers and fries. Located two blocks away from Broadway on the corner of Prince and Lafayette Street, it is a prime location for tourists and shoppers alike. Adding to the fact there is a full bar, most of the times, it can get really busy throughout the night. I first found out about this job on Craigslist. They had recently posted an ad, short and in all capitalization, stating they need to hire immediately and that a resume needs to be attached to the reply. One text and a five-minute interview later, I was hired as a waitress and had training later that week. I never served in my life. Besides bussing tables once in a while at my first job as a cashier in a Greek restaurant, my many food service jobs never included memorizing and handing out food for customers. Tips were a rarity and were never included in my paycheck and customers were from a landline phone…

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