Why I Am A University? Essay

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Please provide an essay that explains why you chose your intended program of study. What interests you the most about this major? If Undecided, what areas of study do you look forward to studying in college? (50-500 words)

Similar to how Dorothy was swept up by a tornado into an alternative world, looking through a microscope at a cell swept me into a different world. We are all aware of the world large enough for our eyes to perceive; however, there is a fascinating world that lies among the cells that make up all living organisms. These tiny, intricate structures are the primary reason for my interest in biology. By pursuing a major in biological sciences, I hope to enrich my curiosity over the complexity and activity of cells.

There are two main reasons as to why I am so attached to the study of cells. The first one is that they are incredibly complex. I love things that are complex because I enjoy the challenge behind them. Challenges present opportunities to learn and learning encourages curiosity and enjoyment. As I found out entering AP Biology, the cell I learned about in freshman honors biology was very basic. Three years ago, I only focused on the organelles of a cell. But, in AP Biology, we delved much deeper into cells discussing topics such as cell communication and membrane structure and function. The true complexity of a cell that emerged in the AP Biology curriculum ignited my curiosity. Life in and around me began to make sense as we discussed cells…

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