Why I Am A Teacher Essay

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Writing has always been a struggle for me for as long as I can remember. I find it difficult to put my thoughts on a paper, especially if I have to do it in another language. Some people think that as long as they can speak a language or communicate with other people, it is enough. However, these people are totally wrong. People do not only need to speak a language fluently, but they also have to be able to write it. That’s the reason why I started focusing on my writing ability. I brought some strength to the class English 101A, but I also had to work on my weaknesses throughout the semester.
First of all, English is not my first language. When I came into the United States, I was supposed to start at the 9th grade, but the system placed me in the 8th grade because I didn’t know how to write, speak, or read in English so I had to go through the process of learning in English. For example, I remembered learning how to construct sentences, how to use verb forms, and how to improve my vocabulary. I also learned the first two steps of reading, which are skimming and speed reading. The process was very difficult because I couldn’t stop thinking in my first language. I was always trying to translate everything from English to French, thinking that was the best way to progress, but that method was just slowing me down. Once, I stopped doing that, the learning process got better.
Secondly, I was never a good writer because I had never been interested in the topics I was writing…

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