Why I Am A Successful Student At Argosy University Essay

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Module Three provided a variety of study strategies, which are beneficial to developing effective study habits. The specific study strategies that appealed to me, in terms of my learning style, were critical thinking, memorization, and effective reading. In Module One, I pulled from a wide collection of personal preferences to profile my learning style. Given not only my predisposition to favor printed words, but also my preference of information presented as graphs, diagrams, and pictures; I consider my learning style to be an equal mixture of read/write (R) and visual (V) on the Fleming VAK/VARK model (Fleming & Mills, 1992, p. 138). I plan to apply my self-knowledge of my learning style to dictate when, where, and how I will study to become a successful student at Argosy University.
Critical thinking is essential to the learning process. Not only do I want to absorb information but I want to understand how to apply that information to real life scenarios to facilitate problem solving and decision making. As a read/write learner, I must review text meticulously, often more than once to ensure that I grasp what the material states. As a visual learner, I must see convincing evidence to distinguish fact from opinions. I prefer to use the brainstorming method of webbing to visual cause and effect concepts. By thinking critically, I am able to disseminate useful information from unimportant material. Research plays an important role in critical thinking; therefore…

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