Why I Am A Student Essay

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According to Virginia Colleges four year graduation rates in 2013, 51.6% of all 29,700 counted students

graduated in four years. 70.5% graduated in six years

Although the college is challenging I am going to succeed by using advice from experts developing strategies and setting goals for myself.

I am a student, I know that college will be difficult. I am 21, and I need a job to help with financial responsibilities facing not having a job. However, for a part time job is very difficult right now. Searching to find employment to fit in with my school time has been very time consuming. Right now I am dependent on my parents to give me an allowances. I have to make sure that I have fuel in my car, and I have to make sure to stay on budget. My second challenge is working on doing well in all my courses. I must study hard in order to do well on my tests and quizzes. I am struggling a little to adjusting to the time schedule and getting enough sleep. Finally it is my responsibility to do my homework and to check Blackboard for all the assignments that are on the class Web/site. In high school, the teacher would tell me if I was failing. Now, I must do this on my own. I must also watch my attendance carefully, so that I will not be dropped from class.

Although the college will be difficult, I plan to succeed by seeking helpful advice from experts. The advice

from all experts has helped greatly. Stephen Covey taught me to never give up on…

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