Why I Am A Psychology Major Things Essay

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When learning about his work, I really took a liking to it. I, myself, really take dreams in strive. I think for myself, becoming a Psychology major things really changed and made me look at things in a whole new light. It really amazed me and learning about new things really what life is all about. In the beginning of the book, it uses the word enigma-a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation. Which is true, we often dream about weird things and do not understand what do they mean (I know this happens to me quite often). This word describes dream perfectly and if you understand where this is coming from then you will know perfectly. One part in particular in his book came from Aristotle. Aristotle asserts that the dream is a demoniacal, though not of nature, which indeed contains deep meaning if it is correctly interpreted. Another part of what he was saying about dreaming that you are going to a fire and feeling hot is what you called a slight perception. I know for me, I have those types of dreams, whereas I was about to fall but when I was sleeping my leg would shake as if that really happened. It is so scary, but I would never wake up, just continue on going to sleep. It is also crazy how you dream about having something, but then you wake up and you don’t have the thing that you want. It is really curious for people to say that they do not dream when in fact, we really do. Those people who say that often feel like they do not have anything going for…

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