Essay on Why I Am A Professional Interpreter

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One of the many strategies that the nurse can use to provide chances for effective communication would be to determine whether RJ would prefer a professional interpreter. Although RJ goes to elementary school, English is still her second language which is why she should be given the option of communicating through the help of an interpreter. Furthermore, through the help of a professional interpreter the chances of falsely communicating health care related information are undeniably lowered (Markova & Broome, 2007, p. 240). Another strategy which can be used in order to enhance the chances of effective communication can be through the self-awareness of the nurse’s own attitudes. When it comes to providing culturally competent care, as in the case of RJ, it is important for the nurse to acknowledge her own values which can act as a barrier when trying to effectively communicate (Markova & Broome, 2007, p. 240). Another key strategy which can be used by the nurse in order to enhance the chances of better communication with RJ is through cultural sensitivity. As part of applying cultural sensitivity in RJ’s case, the nurse should be aware of the fact that many Aboriginals comfortably use silence as part of their communication method, which is their way of signifying respect for the adjacent individual (Mushin & Gardner, 2009, p. 2033). Another method which can ensure that effective communication is through the nurse’s ability of identifying RJ’s use of appropriate nonverbal…

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