Why I Am A New Bike Essay

1952 Words Nov 17th, 2015 8 Pages
From reading the book Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard, I decided to write myself a destination postcard for something I have long missed since moving to Reno to attend college; riding a motorcycle to train and compete in the sport of motocross. I was forced to sell my last motorcycle in 2009, seen in the postcard above, when I moved to Reno for college. Now that I am nearly finished, I have decided to focus on obtaining a new bike (a major elephant motivating reward) and getting back to a proper level of health, strength, and fitness to mitigate any chances for further jeopardizing my risk for re-injury. To accomplish this change process, I have worked to script my critical moves, develop action triggers, tweak my environment, shrink the change benchmarks, and rally the herd around me. To have the greatest chance for success in attaining my goals, I have worked to address all three of the behavioral influencing factors necessary to create long lasting change. These factors encompass the environment, the heart, and the mind. To achieve success by March 2016, my set target date, and return to riding motocross in a healthy and fit state, I have developed a script of critical moves with a solutions focused growth mindset that will keep the amount of self-control required for success to a minimum.
To start this process, I had to acknowledge one undeniable fact. If I do not change my health and fitness habits, given my past track record for injuries (12…

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