Why I Am A Mom Essay

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While growing up, I always wanted to be a mom. I believed I would have the perfect

kids. And I would be, the understanding, calm and collective mom. However, when I had my

son, all those beliefs went out of the window. I had to change my belief system. And learn to deal

with acceptance, patience and organization.

When my son was born, he was perfect. He was born without any health concerns. He

progressed along the developmental scale normally. He smiled at about two months. He was

cooing at three months. He said da da at four months. Then, around six months the change

started to happen. He wasn’t crawling or scooting. He wasn’t saying ma ma. And as an ER nurse,

I started looking at kids his age and noticed that he wasn’t doing the things that they were doing.

When I confided in family about my concerns, I was told I was imagining things. On one of his

routine visits with his pediatrician, I voiced my concerns. The pediatrician told me he will do

everything when he’s ready. The pediatrician’s assessment gave me solace because I still wanted

to hold on to the belief that I had the perfect son. However, at one year my son still wasn’t

walking and was saying very few words. He would just point at things he wanted. Every

pediatrician visit was normal and the daycare provider never mentioned any concerns. Although

he finally started walking at thirteen months, he still said very few words. I even noticed that he

would not respond to me if I was behind him when I…

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